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Natural colors may vary from photos. Photos are used as visual representations to reflect the state of the product.

Base Fines & Gold Fines

The fines are a decomposed granite and  great for pathways, walkways, and drought resistant yards. The fines are also a great alternative to laying underneath flagstone.  It gives it the stability to the flagstone from teetering.  After spreading the materials in your area, add some water and compact.  Stabilizer can be added to keep it intact more.

Fill Sand


A PG&E certified utility sand mainly used for trenches around pipes.  Can also be used in your garden to help drainage.

#1 Sand


This sand is a very fine sand and it’s main purpose is for masonry purposes.  Mixing this with cement produces a mortar mix.  It can also is used for an underlayment beneath vinyl pools and also tile work.

#2 Sand

This is a course sand.  This sand is used for Stucco Mixes and tile work.  It is also used in playgrounds.  Most schools use it for its coarseness.  It has less dust particles.

Available Colors: White, Tan

Concrete Sand