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Natural colors may vary from photos. Photos are used as visual representations to reflect the state of the product.

Crushed Rock


A rock that is gray or sometimes with a blueish tint depending on where in the mountain they are quarrying from.  It’s a great ground cover and works really well for driveways. It is also used in drain fields too. The rock is angular so it does lock together better for driveways.

Available Sizes: 3/4″

Drain Rock

This is a round drain rock which varies in color from gray to a gray blue.  This rock comes in several sizes – pea gravel, ¾” or 1-1/2”.  It is great for landscaping ground cover.  Pea Gravel can and has been used in playgrounds as well.

Available Sizes: Pea Gravel, 3/4″, 1-1/2”

Concrete Mix