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Most materials we sell are natural stones. Variations in color and appearance such as fractures are inherent to natural stone and are subject to change. No guarantees of color can be made on natural stone.


Mt. Gate


fieldstone boulders

The Fieldstone Boulder, also commonly known as Napa or Moss Boulder is a rounded rock often with moss and lichen growing around it. These boulders are reddish brown with some spotting

Available Sizes: head size, baskets head size and double head size, and 100 to 2,000lbs


Has shades of grey to bluish gray colors with hints of olive green

Available Sizes: 100 – 1000lbs

Lemon Cove

Large egg shaped river stone boulders that has shades of tan, beige and gray

Available Sizes: 200 – 1000lbs


Shades range from white through deepest gray with an occasional hint of green.


Red Lava

Colors are a red with some dark maroon blackish colors

Available Sizes: 12″ to 3′ diameter

Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre has dark rustic browns, whites and oranges running through out

Available Sizes: head size to 3′ diameter

Sierra Verde

Sierra Verde has shades of green with white veins running through out.  It is a quartzite stone

Available Sizes: head size to approx. 3′ diameter

Willow Creek

Colors range from tan, gray and rust colors, also contain a hint of creamy beige color.

Available Sizes: head size to approx. 3′ diameter