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Most materials we sell are natural stones. Variations in color and appearance such as fractures are inherent to natural stone and are subject to change. No guarantees of color can be made on natural stone.


Arizona Buckskin flagstone are washed with splashes of light brown.  This golden tan sandstone brings the warmth of the desert into the landscape

Available Sizes: patio, regular select and thin select

Classic Oak

Uniform texture and color fused in light beige and coffee colored whipped cream this classic neutral sandstone blends into any landscape feature

Available Sizes: patio, regular select and thin select


This sandstone has colors of pastel, peach, rose and buff

Available Sizes: patio, regular select and thin select


This sandstone has deep red hues with streaks of pink running through it

Available Sizes: patio, regular select and thin select

Sedona Red

This flagstone has bright red and peachy hues

Available Sizes: patio, regular select and thin select


A sandstone that is a rosa color with some buckskin and peach accents.  Sizes – patio, regular select and thin

Available Sizes: patio, regular select and thin select

Antique Black 1″

Antique Black flagstone comprises black and charcoal tones with a slightly riven surface. This is a tumbled limestone.

Antique Brown 1″

Antique Brown comprises of warm tones like brown, buff and a hint of grey

Antique Gold 1″

Antique gold flagstone carries a perfect blend of light brown, peach-orange, turquoise and golden yellow. This tumbled quartzite is known for its durability

Antique Rustic 1″

Antique rustic flagstone shows a mixture of various shades of cream, soft and intense beaver brown with a touch of orange. This is a tumbled natural slate flagstone

Blue Tumbled

Blue to blue-gray colors

Available Sizes: patio

Bouquet Canyon

Bouquet Canyon flagstone is a charcoal gray colored stone with some rusty gold overtones

Available Sizes: tumbled, regular select, thin select

Cold Water Canyon

A flat and very rough surfaced stone that has a lot of moss and lichen growing on it.  Color ranges from reddish-brown to black

Available Sizes: 12″ to 18″ diameter


Multi-colored sandstone with deep purple to burgundy tones.

Available Sizes: Irregular sheets are available in 1-1 ½” thicknesses with top diameters ranging from 12″- 48”

Montana Antique

Montana Antique Flagstone is a flat, smooth, irregular sandstone with colors consisting of color shades of plums, browns, chocolates, and some hints of purples and rich in iron on the surface and edges of the stone

Available Sizes: patio, regular select

Pennsylvania Full Color

Pennsylvania is a Multi-colored sandstone with colors of blue, green, gray, and even purple

Available Sizes: regular select, thin select

Rustic Garden

A mixture of blue, gray, green, and brown

Available Sizes: Approximately 14″ to 24” diameter. 1″-3″ thick

Starlight Flag

Starlight Flagstone is Quartzite Flagstone.  It has mica quartzite with primarily silvery color with shades of silver, gold, and charcoal

Available Sizes: thin select