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Classic Cobble

A Mediterranean look and feel are achieved with our Classic Cobble design. Smooth rounded edges, rich color, and variety of intallation patterns create this old world charm.

Design possibilities are limitless combining our multi-sized cobbles and stock color blends.

Product Details

Name Image Nominal Size Inch Stones Per Square Foot Stones Per Pallet Square Foot Per Pallet
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Classic Cobble Mega

9″ x 12″ 1.4 144 105
Classic Cobble Large

6″ x 9″ 2.8 270 98
Classic Cobble Medium

6″ x 6″ 4.1 432 105
Classic Cobble Small

6″ x 4.5″ 5.5 576 105

Available Colors

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Brown/Beige/Charcoal Cream/Tan/Brown Tan/Charcoal

Tan/Red/Charcoal Gray/Charcoal Tan/Brown

Green/Charcoal Charcoal Cream Tan

Pattern Details

For More Information Please Visit: Calstone

Old Town Pattern II ↑ 3-Way Running Bond ↑ Old Town Pattern III ↑

Two Way Parquet ↑ 45 Degree Heringbone ↑ Mega Pattern 2 ↑

Mega Pattern 3 ↑ Mega Pattern 4 ↑